Here's... Jonnie! - November 2021

Jonnie Felton

Jonnie Felton

Research Manager

How long have you worked at Progressive?

Five months.

What keeps you coming back for more?

I’m really enjoying the opportunity to get stuck into different areas of the business, from winning and delivering research projects, to social media content production, to work on our Progressive qualitative panel. I love working for an organisation that gives you the freedom to stretch your legs and improvise a little (as we have been doing with our social media output!)

What are your research interests?

I spent much of my time before Progressive working on research projects related to education and skills, specifically researching the experiences and views of school leaders and teachers in England. I enjoy doing work in this sector because it’s such an important area of public policy, maintaining and advancing the skills of our young people.

Tell us about one of your favourite projects.

With COP26 hosted in Glasgow this year (2021), climate change is high on the public (and research) agenda. I recently managed a project for the Chartered Institute of Housing (Scotland) on the relationship between housing and climate change, and (perhaps more importantly) the public’s understanding of this relationship. It was interesting to learn that while people might be aware of the Scottish Government’s central plans around climate change (such as its net zero pledge), they are much less likely to understand how it might affect them and their home. Definitely one for further exploration!

And what about the Progressive team

A lovely bunch of folks. I think we’re an honest and supportive group, willing to help each other out to deliver great work for our clients. It’s a great environment to work in.