Client: Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator
Project: Charities Survey 
Background: Progressive was commissioned to conduct the 2014 wave of OSCR’s annual research into opinions of charity and charity regulation with stakeholders and the general public each with a target sample size of 1,000 responses. In total, 2,371 responses were received across the two surveys.
Both surveys were undertaken online and sought to engage with a representative sample of the target audience. The stakeholder survey was sent out to a representative sample of registered charities (provided by OSCR) with quotas set on annual turnover and access to email, proportional to the database at large. Those charities that had not registered an email with OSCR were sent a paper copy of the questionnaire by post. In total, Progressive received 1,371 responses to the survey, a response rate of 32%.
Method: To conduct the general public survey, Progressive worked closely with an online sample provider, which invited members of their public panel to participate in the research. In total, Progressive interviewed a representative sample of 1,000 members of the Scottish public.
Both surveys were scripted and hosted by Progressive on its in-house secure sever.
To complement these waves of quantitative research, Progressive conducted 6 focus groups with members of the public and 15 in-depth telephone interviews with stakeholders working in Scottish charities.
Outcome: Progressive provided OSCR with an executive summary, a staff summary and a detailed report on the findings of both the stakeholder and public engagements. The final results were used to inform OSCR’s future communication strategy with Scottish charities, the public and its own workforce. Progressive was commissioned to run the survey again in 2016 
Key contact: Sarah Ainsworth Joint Managing Director
Email: sarah.ainsworth@progressivepartnership.co.uk
Tel: 0131 297 2567