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Progressive Partnership Ltd.

An insight isn’t worth the paper it’s written on if its discovery hasn’t been reached rigorously. That’s why we’ve sought out new and innovative methods since embarking on our journey in 1985. As new technologies have emerged we’ve harnessed them to further enhance the quality of our insights. Whether you’re looking to influence behavioural change or drive forward a commercial strategy, we can apply our research methods appropriately with the utmost integrity and professionalism; no matter the job, no matter the method, we have no ‘one-size-fits-all’ file. Each task we undertake is bespoke. Some are unique to us. Often we employ a range of methods seamlessly. You’d expect Scotland’s leading independent market research agency to offer the full suite of qualitative and quantitative techniques (focus groups, depth interviews, accompanied shopping visits, online forums, hall testing, ethnography, street, in-home, exit interviewing and opinion polls) and indeed we do. All of our CATI, CAPI and online work is conducted in-house to maximise quality control. Moreover, we’ve developed our very own specialist methods and approaches.

Language and behaviour


Creating communications that customers are truly in tune with is a tricky and nuanced business. Our joint managing director Sarah explains how our exclusive Language and Behaviour method goes further than conventional research techniques to decode people’s language, using it to give our clients extraordinarily useful insights into how language works in their communications, in their workplaces and even through their call centres. It brings our clients much closer to their people, their customers and their stakeholders and ultimately strengthens bonds with their brand. Please contact Sarah.