Campaign Tracking

Client: Newhaven
Project: Cycling Scotland Respect Campaign
Background: Newhaven developed a campaign titled Nice Way Code designed to help foster better relations between all road users in Scotland. The overarching aim of the campaign was to improve the levels of understanding and respect/acceptance between cyclists and drivers.
The primary objective of the research was to evaluate the success of the campaign by determining the degree to which it may have affected people’s attitudes and behaviours in the context of road respect between cyclist and drivers. Specifically Progressive determined:
- Attitudes towards mini-sins
- Frequency of committing mini-sins
- Acceptance of drivers and cyclists rights to be on the road
- Mutual respect paid by both drivers and cyclists
- Measure awareness and recall of the campaign
- Determine if attitudes , self reflection and behaviours have changed post campaign
Method: Data was collected by in-street, face-to-face CAPI interviewing and a pre-campaign survey was conducted followed by a post-campaign survey. The samples included drivers and cyclists in Edinburgh and Glasgow. The final sample size achieved in the post-campaign research was 308. The sample achieved pre-campaign was 313.
Outcome: The research saw some positive shifts in attitude across some key areas.
Key contact: Sarah Ainsworth Joint Managing Director
Tel: 0131 297 2567