Data Services

Data is everything. We lap it up. So, whether you are simply looking for a fast, efficient and cost effective data entry supplier or for someone to perform complex multivariate analyses, we have the right people with the right skills to help you achieve the results you require. We can also analyse any existing electronic data you have - our software supports all standard file types, including ASCII, comma / tab separated & SPSS files. We have a wide range of analytical experience and can tailor your output to meet your requirements for any given project. From more basic analysis, such as cross tabulations, significance testing or mean scores, to more advanced techniques like cluster and key driver analysis, correlations or regression, we are able to help you get the very best from your data. And we understand that you need the very best quality data to enable you to get the most useful insights. That’s why we apply strict quality control procedures and all of our work complies with the MRS Code of Conduct, the Data Protection Act and ISO 20252.
For further information please contact Susan.