Employee Research

Client: Scottish Natural Heritage
Project: Employee Survey
Background: Conducted by Progressive biennially between 2006 and 2010, and continuing annually since 2011, the Scottish Natural Heritage Employee Survey measures employee satisfaction and engagement. The survey is designed to provide robust, meaningful data upon which to prioritise management initiatives.
Method: The first wave of the study began with a staff workshop through which the draft questionnaire was assessed and revised. This was followed by a quantitative stage with employees. This was conducted via an online questionnaire for those with access to an email address and by postal survey for those without. Through providing a paper version of the questionnaire, Progressive ensured full and equal access for employees to provide feedback and gave the most representative sample of employees possible. A healthy response rate of typically 70-75% ensures that each wave we receive at least 600 responses from across five directorates based in 37 different office locations.
Outcome: Through providing a flexible, cross-method approach (paper and online), we were able to ensure contributions from workers from right across Scotland, as the geography of the organisation required. The output of the project takes the form of year on year corporate and departmental reporting, enabling the comparison of performance across departments and the identification and prioritisation of the needs of SNH’s 800 staff members.
Key contact: Leah Ringland Associate Director
Email: leah.ringland@progressivepartnership.co.uk
Tel: 0131 297 2562