Core Quantitative Techniques

The full quantitative service offered by Progressive includes:
• street interviewing
• in-home interviewing
• hall tests
• in-home product placements
• in-store surveys
• mystery shopping
• on-line surveys
• telephone interviewing
• postal surveys
• product testing
• consumer panels
• business and consumer research

We use the latest CAPI and CATI technology to ensure data of the highest quality. Progressive has also achieved full accreditation to ISO 20252, which provides further assurance that our research is conducted with integrity and transparency, and ensures that we deliver a consistently high calibre of output.
Progressive is a Market Research Society (MRS) Company Partner.

Our data is collected, processed and analysed using SNAP survey software. This package allows surveys to be designed with a highly user-friendly interface, as well as providing all the statistical tools needed to ensure that data is robustly interrogated and analysed.